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We are a timber company dedicated to the manufacturing of architectural woodwork, directed mainly to the construction industry which requires specific volume of products such as frames, doors, closets, built-in kitchens, etc.
Our serial production system may offer highly competitive prices in a built-in product with excellent manufacturing, painting, installation and compliance conditions during delivery.

In Promar we strive to maintain high quality standards, by working in the implementation of systems that allow us to improve every day, and be ready to develop any product related to the architectural wood industry.

We have excellent team working, composed by professionals, technicians, plant operators and installers, working together to offer a highly quality product and a great service.



INDUSTRIAS PROMAR S.A. was founded in 1970 as a manufacturer of furniture for sewing machines. As far as demand from suppliers began to increase, the production had to be expanded, by offering furniture for loudspeakers and modular detachable furniture; this allowed the company to become bigger and the need to buy machinery and equipment that will facilitate the production conditions, by expanding the range of furniture offers.

In 1984 the company was terribly affected by the economic crisis, where the closure of importations caused a decrease in the market of furniture for sewing machines by creating a difficult situation of unproductivity in the factory, and forcing the search of alternatives in  the market that would generate new revenues.

The opportunity to work with the Construction Company Pedro Gomez was presented in the manufacturing of architectonic woodwork for housing projects.  The transition period from the manufacture of furniture for sewing machines to woodwork furniture, was quite difficult, the company managed the change by correcting in each production any imperfections that carpentry may present by consolidating the company as one of the most competitive in the market; up to the point, that in 1995, 61% of the market was achieved in Cali. These contracts promoted more sales, the search of clients and contracts in the rest of the country.

Because the demand for carpentry increased, it became necessary to purchase machinery to respond to current and future needs of the company, with the direct advice of the manufacturers, seeking to be equipped with the latest technology, guaranteeing the quality and efficiency of production.

That’s why today, in addition to satisfying the demand in the market for architectural woodwork, PROMAR is able to produce any type of wood furniture and related materials, because it has a large infrastructure, specialized equipment for each transformation of wood, and a complete team of human talent, working with the premise of continuous improvement and achieving high levels of production and quality.



Our plant is located in Armenia, Quindio, with a constructed area of ​​6300 square meters, and additional land of 3800 square meters for timber storage yards and future expansion.
For the preparation of wood we use 2 drying ovens, accepted by the Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario ICA (Colombian Agricultural Institute), with a total capacity of 40,000 inches of wood, they have a permanent computerized monitoring system that controls temperature and drying time of wood.


The plant is equipped with high tech equipment; in the milling section we have brushes, molding machines and the latest spinning jennies. For cutting and mechanized of blades, we work with numerical control machining centers, which guarantee the accuracy of the cuts and also optimize the performance and production times.
For the finishing process, we have 4 painting cabins and 3 drying ovens, which provide high standards of quality, even if environmental conditions are not the most suitable ones, plus a great team of artists who deliver the final touch to our handcrafted, beautifully finished wood.

Promar is always ready in terms of acquisition of machinery and technologies for the manufacturing and transformation of raw wood, into architectonic woodwork, seeking to offer the highest quality, compliance and effectiveness in production.

We also have the BASC certification (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce), which assures all of our production processes, packaging and delivery of merchandise, meeting with all norms, specifications, safety and protection processes at the interior of the company to ensure an effective international business.


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